Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How To Choose Material For Bifold Doors

Most people don’t really pay attention to the material chosen for bifold doors, but the matter of fact is that the type of material can greatly alter overall appearance of a house. The other side of the story is that it can also impact the performance of door depending on the place they are installed. Hence, choosing right material becomes a necessity in every term. Currently, there are three type of material available for bifold doors and each of them has different features.
Wood: Bifolding frames made out of timber or wood are preferred mostly in homes where doors are nearer to the timber furniture items, so as to make them a good match. Wood is a naturally aesthetic material that makes them all time popular. However, if you are planning to buy wooden door frame get ready to spend a good amount, as they are the most expensive material among all. Also, the material is not maintenance-free and down the road it will need refinishing.
Aluminium/Steel: These materials look quite sophisticated and have the ability to match any interior/exterior, be it residential or commercial. The durability of these materials depends on how thick sheets are used. The thickness of sheets is measured in gauge and mostly for doors 22 or 24 gauge sheets are preferred. They are also popular because of they are cheap and hardly needs maintenance. Today, aluminum and steel are common choice for bifold doors.
Fiberglass: This is relatively a new material for glass bifold doors. The best part about this material is they look fabulous; resist denting and scratching; and are strong and secure, hence need very low maintenance. In fact, it needs lowest maintenance compared to wood and aluminium/steel. However, to get all the benefits it is important that quality is given maximum preference and avoid cheaper deals.